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Email List Cleaning & Hygiene

The quality of data in your marketing database can make a big difference to the return on investment you get from your sales and marketing campaigns . You’ve got a large database of customer email addresses. But many of those emails are duplicates, invalid, dead, or bogus, and your bounce-rate is high…Our email list hygiene service keeps your email lists up-to-date by identifying and purging bad emails. We can also correct hygiene errors as well as segment your list into a "working" file and an "undeliverable" file.

  • Acquire and verify email addresses in your database so that marketing campaigns are more effective.
  • Enrich your database via our web research services and constantly update your database.
  • We charge for per record basis and ensure that it delivers a clear ROI.
    No setup fees. No hourly fees.

Email Change of Address (ECOA)

Leadsmarketer's ECOA service, Email Update, will replace undeliverable email addresses with working addresses and helps you maintain the accuracy and integrity of the customer email addresses on your database.

Benefits to you:

  • Reconnect with lost customers and prospects
  • Maximize your email deliverability
  • Avoid being blacklisted by major ISPs
  • Reduce marketing costs associated with bouncing emails

Email Address Validation

Leadsmarketer provides the fastest and most accurate real-time email validation available.Verifying that an email address works when you get it protects your marketing investment, diminishes potential communication errors, and increases the integrity of your database.


  • Increase online marketing ROI
  • Reduces costs associated with marketing to prospects with non-existent email addresses.
  • Reduces email address typos.
  • Eliminates dead email addresses.
  • Reduces customer service problems.

Data Scrubbing and Enrichment

Data scrubbing, also called data cleansing, is the process of amending or removing data in a database that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated.


  • Improves the accuracy of your data
  • Ensures that your databases are current, accurate, and complete
  • Increases efficiency and reduces costs.

List Management

We can deliver ongoing or periodic cleansing and enrichment of your database to ensure that your campaigns are more effective and results in stronger lead generation.

Database Design / Development - We can create a specialized database used for your sales and marketing needs.

Database Cleansing/De-duping - Used to ensure that sales/marketing programs are designed with the most up to date contact and profile information

Database Supplement - Client's database is supplemented with additional information to assist in the design of targeted prospect profiling

Database Append - Client's database is appended with additional contacts and other key fields to ensure that database is robust enough to drive effective sales and marketing campaigns

Database Reporting - We can create customized database reports which could measure the effectiveness


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