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Strategic Marketing

For the business-to-business organization, well-planned marketing and sales programs provide qualified leads for the sales team and the proof that your marketing investment yields a return. Leadsmarketer - B2B's Services provide:

  • Targeted and higher performing marketing programs
  • Higher quality leads to the sales force, sooner and at a lower cost-per-sale
  • Better one-to-one relationships with your prospects, ensuring that they become and remain your customers
  • Intelligence on new trends and opportunities for your products and services
  • The building of a proprietary database asset that will deliver sales for years to come

Leadsmarketer’s services enable our clients to identify and create demand more efficiently and effectively through database integration and development, lead generation, response management, relationship marketing, and consultative inside sales.

Lead Generation

Lead Management

Our Lead Nurturing and Management solutions enable marketers to easily move disqualified leads to longer-term nurturing programs that continually cultivate buyer interest over time. These ‘drip marketing’ programs can consist of educational material, newsletters, whitepapers, case studies, invitations to events – any series of regular communication that keeps your company name top of mind among leads. Our Dynamic Lead Scoringcan then notify your sales team when these leads exhibit “ready to buy” behavior like website visits, form submittals or email opens and forwards.

Our Lead Management solutions focus on providing lead management process that addresses the needs of both Sales and Marketing:

Marketing - Sales

Demand Generation

Demand Generation helps business-to-business clients attract better customers — those who spend the most but cost the least to attract, delight, and retain.Demand generation is a vital component to sustaining revenue growth. Businesses are increasingly focusing on integrating marketing – specifically demand creation – with the sales funnel because this is where the real battle for customers is being won or lost today.

We help clients with:

Creative Services, Direct Mail, Print Advertising, Website Development, SEO/PPC Marketing, Event Marketing, Copywriting/Web Content, Telemarketing, Client Services

Lead Nurturing

We help clients:

  • Manage the sources, quality and quantity of their leads
  • Maintain a clean marketing database for campaigns
  • Execute on the best combination of marketing activities to cultivate leads
  • Hand opportunities to Sales based on predetermined scoring criteria
  • Receive timely feedback from Sales on the quality of Marketing's leads
  • Compliment their existing SFA and CRM deployments
  • Bridge the chasm between Marketing and Sales

Marketing Automation

Agency Services:

  • Consolidation of all marketing databases
  • Creation of dynamic target lists for outbound campaigns
  • Prospect response collection from dynamic web forms
  • Web resource center and landing page development
  • Execution of all outbound marketing campaigns
  • Powerful reporting on all prospect and customer interactions

Client Benefits:

  • No need to staff-up and train your team on new technology
  • Greatly increased time-to-market and time-to-revenue
  • The creation of a single, replete prospect marketing database


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Data Cleansing Services
  • Email List Cleaning & Hygiene
  • Email Change of Address (ECOA)
  • Email Address Validation
  • Data Scrubbing and Enrichment
  • List Management
  • De-duplication
  • Data aggregation, organization, and cleansing

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